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Tyre Protection Chains

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Basics about Tyre Protection Chains

Steel protection with rubber mobility - strength & flexibility!

A tyre protection chain can best be described as a very tight mesh that covers all the vulnerable parts of your tyres on their tread and sidewalls to form a barrier against damages.

Our Tyre Chains protect in underground mining, open cut mining, quarries, steel and scrap applications.

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Lower direct hourly operating costs

Multiply tyre life

Predictable service life of chains and tyres

Accurate budgeting at lower costs

Minimised down-time 

Improved stability

Increased traction


Pewag mesh options determine the ratio increase of protection to traction added to your machine. Our specialised patterns are formed by the placement of rings and links and are designed to either increase protection or increase traction. Some Pewag mesh options have been tailored to give the customer the benefit of both protection and traction in the one chain. Our team will guide all new customers during the product selection process to ensure you get the most out of your pewag tyre chain.

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pewag offers a unique range of link components, each specially designed and innovated for ultimate performance in every type of application. Our products excel in the most difficult environments; from open cut and underground mining to slag and scrap applications.

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Tycoon Ultimate Link
Tycoon Link
Compact Link
Spike Link
Granite Link
Tyro Link
Ring Star Link
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