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What is Email Database Marketing?

Ever heard of #EDM and thought ED..what?

Read on to learn more about Email Database Marketing and why your company NEEDS this to improve sales.

ED... what?

Email Database Marketing is a strategy that helps to strengthen the relationship between brand and consumer. A company can use this strategy to start a conversation, check-in, offer a sales pitch or convert browsers to buyers.

This strategy starts by collecting information from your audience members to add to your data set. You can collect the data through landing pages, forms, sign up buttons and even with pen and paper. Most commonly, a company will add a pop-up feature on their website that offers the viewer something helpful, fun and free in exchange for signing up to their site.

The information you collect must include an email address (duh) but can also extend to the collection of their name, area of residence, consumption preferences/behaviours, phone number, social media names and even their favourite colour!...

The options for data collection are endless; if you do it right!

Once the data is in your system it's time to start generating emails and bringing in the sales!

Why Does My Company Need This?

EDM is an important part of any strategic Sales Funnel. A simple email can easily transition a browser to a buyer. We have our clients think of an EDM as a Sales Person. Let's say you're shopping for a car. You aren't going to buy the car from a Sales Person who doesn't even bother to say Hi, get your name or offer you something. You're going to purchase the car from someone you trust and feel comfortable with. You're even more likely to buy from this Sales Person when they've taken the time to say:

"Hi, how are you today? Thanks for coming to our showroom. My names Greg and I'm here to offer my help. If you have any questions please let me know!"

If Greg turns around and says: "Hey Chels, I remember you from last week! Back to check out the white sports car? I knew you loved it, I do too." Then he has a 5x greater chances of banking your sale.

You can do exactly this with EDM's, without ever meeting the customer face to face. You can even set it up so that this conversation happens at 3 am when you're sleeping and the customer is online shopping.

Stay tuned for our next post when we take you through the Top 5 Tips for EDM's.

P.S we've already posted these tips on our Instagram! Check it out.

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