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How To: Go Viral On TikTok

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

TikTok has taken the world by storm and changed the game when it comes to marketing your business and achieving success through social media marketing. It’s so easy to spend hours on TikTok! Consumers report: "it feels like you blink, and an hour has passed".

Brand across all industries seem to be struggling with the same issue. They don't know where to start... let alone how to monetise the strategy. So let's dig into what it takes to go viral on Tiktok.

Here’s how:

Move with the trends - keep up to date with what's going on - yes, you can finally sit in front of your phone watching dance trends, puppies and baking videos and call it "productive research." Spot the trends and use them to inspire your own videos. Enhance the trends by coming up with original spin-offs and creative edits. Use trending songs to be seen on the ‘For You Page’ or get discovered through sounds.

--> Top Tip: find what's working for others and recreate your own version.

Short and sweet - keep your videos brief and clear. Longer videos can prevent viewers from watching the whole thing, especially with TikToks latest update allowing videos up to 3 minutes.

Stick to your niche – make sure your content is relevant by finding your niche and sticking to it, so your audience knows what to expect from your brand. You can't please everyone and you don't need to. As in every marketing situation, your target market is KING.

Style - Use the same colours, fonts and filters to keep your feed cohesive. Your audience will remember your style and associate your brand with this aesthetic. Bonus points if you are keeping your branding consistent across all marketing strategies and platforms ie Instagram, Facebook, your website and print materials.

Hashtag challenge – create content around a hashtag and song pertaining to your campaign theme. This provides interaction with your audience and attracts new followers. For example, Guess used the song ‘I’m a Mess’ by Bebe Rexh and created #InMyDenim, encouraging users to show off how they style their denim and transform from mess to best-dressed.

Collaborate – teaming up with local influencers or micro-influencers suited to your brand can expand your reach and tap into new markets.

--> Top Tip: when scouting an influencer you're looking for ROI potential and proven success, engagement rates, brand alignment and consistency in their presence. Note we didn't say the number of followers!

It’s a good idea to cross-promote your TikToks onto your other socials like Instagram to grow your TikTok following. Be sure to also include a link to your brands’ store in your TikTok bio to ensure the community you have built can also drive traffic to your website.

As with everything in marketing, consistency is key. It can take time for videos to go viral when first starting out on TikTok due to the algorithm, so don’t give up and keep trying new things!

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