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How to Pick a Brand Colour

Colour Theory in Marketing... what is it?

Colour relates to persuasion as it evokes an emotional response. If we think about “Colour Theory” it is an important element of psychology, to utilize in your marketing efforts, as branding and colour have a particular symbolic relationship and extends fair beyond communication and well into consumer habits.

Specific colours hold significance for people around the world.

Colour holds

· Emotion

· Religious meaning

· Cultural meanings

There are 6 main colours that play importance on branding. The 6 colours will help convey a particular meaning, personality trait or emotion throughout their whole brand personality.

The first impact of your brand, before any customer reads even a single word, is the impact of the colour of your branding. It is very important that your brand personality is reflected in the colours you use to impact your consumers and immediately creating an emotional connection.

Colour scheming must show and help define your own brand personality and align with your logo. Colour scheming will help strengthen a brand in the market, helps create a unique identity and have a competitive advantage. Creating consistency in colour scheming will gain consumers trust, loyalty and target market.

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Author: Anthony Lamanna

Star Marketing Solutions


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