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How to Increase Instagram Engagement

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Want to get more Instagram followers? Read on!

(Quick tips at the bottom!)

Instagram is no longer just a site to connect and share with friends. It's an advertisers dream land and a candy shop for any consumer. So how do you stand out, as a brand or individual among the crowd? Engagement!

It's important to make sure that the people who are following you are actually seeing what you post - otherwise you might as well be talking to a brick wall.

When viewers like and comment on your post, they are more likely to see your next post. This is thanks to Instagram's new algorithm that works to show users what they actually want to see. Under these rules, when your followers engage with your posts they are telling Instagram that they want to hear more of what you have to say - so down comes the brick wall. Literally! Instagram will burst your content through the barricade of competing posts and having your posts and stories appear first to you engaging followers.

Let's break it down..

What is Instagram Engagement?

People interacting with your posts. That's liking, commenting, saving and sharing.

Why Do I Need High Engagement?

So that the people who are following you actually see what you post. This leads to increased sales, brand recognition and even more followers (which again increases sales and brand recognition!).

"So how do I get it?..."

Quality - post stuff that your audience actually want to see and things they can benefit from.

Quantity - brands and businesses upload an average of 1.7 posts per day and 13 stories a month. Need help with this?

Make Friends - build relationships with other accounts who will share your posts to their stories, tag you in posts and lead people to your page. You can do the same for them!

Ask For It - use your captions to actually ask for comments. Use simple questions like "What do you think?", "What's your favourite drink?", "Do you like Saturday's or Sunday's more?" to encourage your audience to engage.


  1. Post at least every second day.

  2. Use a hashtag strategy that suits your brand.

  3. Create eye capturing content.

  4. Use CTA's in your post captions.

Ready to Shine Brighter on Socials?


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