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Instagram Live is #Trending - How Can Your Brand Benefit?

Even with the ease of Government restrictions, across most states, Instagram Live continues to be a user favourite! It seems everyone has found comfort in the sweatpants-pizza-couch lockdown life. Viewership figures for Instagram Live have rocketed with the number of people tuning in to live broadcasts growing by 70% since March. It’s no surprise that growth levels in home orders and cancelled events meet similar ranks.

Now that we've got your attention, let's really get into it (sorry, I know a that's a bit cheesy 😉)

This means that there are currently over 800 million people watching live videos daily, across Instagram and Facebook. Instagram Lives are a helpful marketing tool for everyone. From Personal Trainers and Health Coaches like James Smith; who use the platform to build consumer relations by checking in on their followers, offering great advice and even greater storytimes (like how to deal effectively manage time wasters and brand bashers), to Beauty Brands like Tarte Cosmetics who partner with Instagram Influencers to treat their audience to live tutorials and behind the scenes footage of their company.

The Live line up showcases more than just businesses and everyday people – it’s packed with star-studded power with featured users including Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Mark Zuckerberg and even drew attention from former U.S. President Barack Obama.

As people try to replace in-person connections, Instagram Live offers a platform for everything from Q&A’s, Yoga Sessions and Drawing Classes to Cocktail Parties and Protests.

Like Instagram Stories, the live Platform is more relaxed and personal. The host can connect with their viewers in real-time, replying to comments and answering questions.

It may be too soon to judge the longevity of this platform’s success and the likelihood of it sticking around when we get back to our normal in-person activities. But we can confirm that Instagram is recognising it’s current success, so much so that developers are testing a design change where Lives will appear in a row above Stories on the news feed page.

Why does your brand need to incorporate this strategy?

G.R.O.W.T.H - growth

Have you ever heard they say "old ways won't open new doors"? Well, in this case, the old ways are your tired and overworked Social Media Strategies and the new doors are NEW CUSTOMERS for your business. If you want to reach new audiences, new consumers and new markets then you are going to need new to invest some time and energy in you Social Media Management!

Instagram Live makes this easy for businesses by handing you a free platform and access to hundreds... thousands of new consumers. If you like, Instagram Live is the key to many new doors!

A live video only has to last a few minutes and BAM you're done!

Remember MARKETING101 and your sales funnel... well this strategy will put you directly in front of new leads - it's then up to you to convert them into paying customers. Email with the subject "Instagram LIVE" for a free video script to get you started!

How can your business take advantage of this new trend?

Jump on the Bandwagon!

If you can’t beat them join them.. right? Right!

By the looks of things Instagram Live isn’t slowing down and if you’re not running to catch the trend train, you’ll be left at the station. Take out you iPhone, jump on Instagram Live and get chatting to your audience. We suggest picking one of the themes below to get you started.

Pick a Fun Theme

You’ve gotta be cool, new and different if you want to stand out from the crowd when competing in a trending space. Take one of these themes and add your branding to create personalised content.

⭐️ Staff Take Over

⭐️ Q&A

⭐️ Behind the Scenes

⭐️ Host an Influencer on your Page | A Day in the Life

⭐️ Show the Production Process of Your Product

Source: Star Marketing Solutions | Have branded graphics created for you!

Helpful Hacks

Tell your audience when you plan on going live by making a graphic like the one below and pinning it to the top of your Twitter or Facebook page. Share a story the day and hours before you go live to really remind them to join in on the fun!!

Source: Star Marketing Solutions | Have branded graphics created for you!

Keep it steady by investing in a phone tripod like the one available at Kmart. This will keep your video still rather than filming it while holding your phone and sending viewers dizzy with unstable footage.

Don’t rush it, you’ll have to wait a minute or two for the number of viewers to climb before getting into the important parts of the video. Keep the early joiners entertained while you wait by telling a funny story about something that recently happened.

Now you’re all set to join the Instagram Live bandwagon ✨

Tag @star_marketingsolutions in the comment section of you Live to get featured!

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